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Copyright Society

  1. The Copyright Act, 1957 (Copyright Act) governs the law relating to copyright in India.
  2. Copyright Society means the society which is registered under Section 33 (3) of the Act
  3. Chapter - VII (Section 33 to 36A) of this Act, deals with Copyright Societies.
  4. The minimum membership required for registration of a Society is seven.
  5. Generally, only one society is registered to do business in respect of the same class of work.
  6. The business of issuing OR granting license in respect of dramatic, literary, musical, and artistic works incorporated in cinematograph films OR sound recordings shall be carried out only by a registered copyright society.
  7. Functions of Copyright Societies -
    • A Copyright Society may issue licenses and collect fees following its Scheme of Tariffs.
    • The distribution of fees collected among the author and other owners
    • Every Copyright Society shall maintain - 
      • “Register of Authors and Other Owners”
      • “Register of Agreements”
      • “Register of Royalties”
      • “Disbursement Register”
  8. The Annual General Body Meeting of the members of the Copyright Society shall hold before the 31st day of March every year.
  9. The copyright society shall submit the Annual Return with the Registrar of Copyrights within one month from the date of conclusion of each Annual General Body meeting.
  10. Example of Registered Copyright Societies in India: - ISRA – Indian Singers Rights Association

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