Maharashtra Land Revenue Code_Wajib-ul-Arz


  1. Section 165 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 explains the Wajib-Ul-Arz
  2. It is a record of the customs in each village drawn up by the Collector in regard to the community rights to investigations, right of way or other easement, right of fishing in any land or water, belonging or controlled or managed by the State Government or a Local Authority. 
  3. It is a land record of unalienated lands. 
  4. The Collector shall be published such record in such manner as he may deem fit and subject to the decision of the Civil Court. 
  5. Any person aggrieved by any entry made in such record may within one year from the date of the publication of such record, file a suit in a Civil Court for the cancellation of such entry or for modification of it. 
  6. The Collector may on the application of any interested person therein modify any entry in the Wajib-ul-arz on certain grounds.

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